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Diversity and Equity

Commitment to CRRP:

As an educator, I am committed to practicing Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy (CRRP).  Please see my infographic for more on what CRRP means to my teaching practice.  The knowledge of the value of CRRP and other anti-racist pedagogy comes from my teacher training, but also from my own experience as a student.  My high school was in a melting pot community in NJ, and of the many experiences I had there, I value the multicultural experience the most.  It was during my time there that I better learned to understand, collaborate with, and make friends with people who did not share my own background.  The school was by no means perfect, as systemic inequities from the world beyond still affected the politics and social issues of the school.  However, I gained the ability to recognize inequity and engage critically about it with my peers, a skill which has enriched my life as an artistic and educational professional, and as a whole person.  As a teacher, it is imperative that my students achieve the same respect for diversity and equity so they can continue to become leaders that shape a better society.

Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy.png
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