Classroom Management

This classroom floor plan was designed a part of a Literacy course.  It's a plan for a Grade 10 Drama classroom.  The desks are arranged to support face-to-face whole group democratic academic discourse.  They can also be moved easily within the space to facilitate groups as needed.  During my practicum, I utilized rotating learning centres as a way of allowing students to explore literature in smaller, more independent groups, and offer more specific guidance to a few students at a time.  There are various areas in the room to accommodate these learning centres as well as display student work and share reading materials.  I've learned during my practicum that a computer area is no longer necessary, as most students come to school with their own laptops or rent them from the school.  

This floor plan works to create harmonious classroom management because there are multiple, distinct physical spaces to engage students in a variety of ways.  The desks are also in equal physical relation to the teacher as they are speaking, preventing students from feeling less involved by sitting in the back.  Having students face each other and the teacher keeps them feeling connected to each other as classroom community, and encourages behavior which supports that.  The amount of open space in the middle allows for reduced anxiety as well as space to play for any classroom performances of presentations.  

This design mirrors my favorite literature courses from when I was a student.  In this type of configuration, I felt equal to my classmates, and felt that my academic contributions benefitted everyone instead of just myself.  I recall one of my teachers allowing us to peruse their classroom collections of books and plays and sometimes lending them to us as well.  This floor plan represents my physical concept for a classroom where students support each other academically, respect the the classroom as a mutual space, and feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Classroom Floorplan.jpg